GPS Navigation Systems have become essential in the trucking world. In some states, GPS Navigation Systems have been mandated. Bison Fleet Specialists techs are here for you to help customize your GPS Navigation Systems needs.

Most importantly, a GPS helps you navigate routes. There are so many features beyond navigation that you can make business life easier for you.

Some GPS Navigation Systems can give you current weather and traffic reports without an internet connection. Some systems can be compatible with the back up camera and/or your Bluetooth. Others can assist you in making your world paperless. Logging information can be kept through the system.


Navigation Extras: Look for a GPS that allows you to enter the truck dimensions. You will then be notified with alarms such as weight limitations, roadway issues and low bridges.

Nearby Locations: Get a GPS that allows for searchable locations. Find a gas station, repair shop, truck stop, hotel or restaurant along your route.

Go Paperless: Find a GPS that functions as a logging device. This feature will track your hours, fuel and maintenance.

Up-charges: Be careful and become educated on features that may have subscription fees or up-charges.

Accessories: See if your GPS includes a dash or window mount. Does your GPS include a charger? Compare battery life between GPS units. Have a plan to avoid extreme heat with the GPS.

Value: Customize the GPS that fits best for the road needs for you and your budget. Many options are out there. Let Bison Fleet Specialists help you determine your best buy. Our professionals will install it for you and give you peace of mind.