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Hy-Rail & Rail Adaptive Equipment

Bison Fleet Specialists is factory certified to inspect, maintain, and repair HARSCO and DMF hy-rail equipment.  We are certified by both companies to repair all products.  Bison Fleet has over 20 years of experience performing all maintenance & repairs for Hy-Rail Systems.

Bison Fleet Specialists is Buffalo’s #1 Hy-Rail Systems service shop.

Bison Fleet Specialists can supply, install, and repair all makes and models of Utility Equipment and Hydraulic Truck Equipment.  In addition to our award winning engine and chassis maintenance team, Bison Fleet Specialists is able to inspect, repair, and certify your High Lift, Hy- Rail, and Bucket Truck Equipment.  For all of your needs – including inspection, hy-rail installation, hydraulic hose and fabrication, bucket trucks and cranes – Bison will keep your fleet up and operational.

For on-site service or over-the-road breakdown, Bison Fleet Specialists provides mobile service to your facility. “We Are Your Last Stop”.

FRA Hy-Rail Inspections

We are Hyrail Certified – DMF and Harsco.  For your FRA Inspection, we ensure every component of your vehicle meets or exceeds safety standards & requirements.  This includes hydraulics, sweeps, bearings, wheels, measurements (52 1/4″ inch rail width).  If wheels aren’t aligned in spec, vehicle will wear tires unevenly, and even worse, could potentially de-rail.

Everything is scheduled with dispatch to make sure trains are not coming.  We have many systems to raise and lower height clearances.  Bison Fleet Specialists will adjust weight lbs per wheel to balance wheels from wearing unevenly.

Important:  height, load, and stringline components need to be in spec to FRA standards.  When we sign off as FRA valid, we ensure that everything is absolutely safe to our strict standards.

Our close proximity to the railroad tracks & CSX makes transportation from our complex easy!

Bison Fleet Specialists is in close proximity to the railroad tracks in Buffalo and CSX

Bison Fleet Specialists understands that your time is money.  Our complex has all of the heavy-duty equipment on-site, including vehicle lifts up to 100,000 lbs, computerized alignment systems, and transmission repair equipment.

Other mechanics may require an unnecessary delay by requiring your food truck to be transferred to different locations that have this equipment.  Not us!  At Bison Fleet Specialists, we have 100% of the equipment you need on-site.

That’s why our promise to you is We Are Your Last Stop.