Authorized Snow Plow Dealer in Buffalo NY: Sno-Way® 26R Series Snow Plow
Authorized Snow Plow Dealer in Buffalo NY: The Sno-Way® 26R Series Snow Plow with independent end wings can transform
from a straight snow plow into box snow plow. Built for ½ ton trucks, it provides more snow moving capability and
flexibility than any other plow in the industry for this series of trucks.


Typical Applications

1/2 Ton: 1500 Avalanche, F-150,
Ram 1500, 1500 Sierra, 1500 Silverado,
1500 Suburban, 1500 Yukon

Fits 1/2 Ton Trucks


The Sno-Way®  26R is a revolutionary plow for ½ ton trucks in Buffalo NY, providing more snow moving capability and flexibility than any other plow in the industry for this series of trucks.

1/2 ton trucks are the choice for entry level and economically-minded plow contractors that demand maximum work truck flexibility. Sno-Way built this 26R ultimate snow moving machine specifically for the Ford F150, Chevy Silverado 1500, Toyota Tundra, Dodge 1500, Ram 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 trucks.

The "R" in the model identifier refers to the Revolution series of plows including the 26R, 29R and Revolution HD models. These plows are designed with patented hydraulic end wings that that can be controlled together or independently to move the snow where you want it at any time. Each wing can be moved from a straight out position into a 90 degree orientation to the main blade - effectively creating a box plow.

This patented dual-hinge plow design provides you the ability to move up to 3.6 cubic yards of snow which is double the closest competitor’s V plow or expandable plow! Engage the Patented Down-Pressure® Hydraulics System that increases snow moving capacity another 30% and you have the ultimate snow clearing machine.

The high strength steel blade on the Sno-Way 26R series is kept durable with the Triple-Coat Protection; zinc phosphate wash, automotive E-Coat primer and military grade powder coat combination. The Triple-Coat Protection System delivers a surface that is resistant to penetration by salt, sand, stones or any other aggregate material.

Uptime is kept optimal with the patented EIS (Electrical Interruption System) which eliminates any of the typically troublesome relays by creating a closed-loop truck to plow light connection. All professional plow contractors know that the elimination of these relays means a full season without surprise electrical headaches.

The 26R is built using high strength steel to provide performance and durability, without added weight which makes this the perfect snow moving machine for ½ ton trucks.

Move it!

Options For Your Sno-Way Snowplow

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