Best Experience I Have Ever Had

Honestly the best experience I have ever had at a auto repair shop. My car didn't pass inspection because it needed two new outer tie rods replaced then an alignment in order to pass and I had four shops quote me at around $400 to do this... Bison Vehicle Repairs did it for half that!! Thanks to their voucher and coupon I also saved $55! I found them on yelp and messaged them Thursday evening and the shop owner, John, immediately responded and the next day I was messaging with him on yelp and I dropped my car off around 12:15 and then the owner drove me back to my work downtown by 12:30, he was so personable and deeply cares for his customers. At 3:30 the general manager, Shawn, called me and offered to bring my car back to me at work downtown and ended up parking it for me in the parking lot I use for work. I highly recommend going to them for your repairs, I won't go anywhere else from now on. -Nichole Aldrich


ANY Equipment - ANY Vehicle - ANY Problem, we have the right tools, the right technicians, and the right training backed by decades of experience.   Bison Fleet Specialists in Buffalo New York, we keep families and businesses safely on the road to their destinationsl   

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3rd Annual Car Show - Free


Thursday September 7th at 5:00pm - 8:00pm

We are hosting our 3rd annual car show on Thursday September 7th from 5pm - 8pm. There will be music, food and a free calendar with your car on it! Every person who registers a car will get a voucher for a FREE Chivetta's meal that includes chicken, two sides, dessert and a drink! It is free admission and spectators can buy a voucher for $9.00 to receive a Chivetta's meal.

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