Brake Service

There are few things as scary as when you realize your car isn’t braking the way it should. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including problems with your brake fluid or rotor wear. To help ensure that your brakes are in good working order, schedule regular inspections with the experts at Bison Fleet Specialists. Here’s what you need to know about warning signs that indicate a problem with your brake pads:

The brake pedal feels different.

Not being able to push the brake pedal to the floor is a good indicator that you need new brake pads. As you press down the brake pedal, it should feel firm and stop at a certain point. If it doesn’t stop and continues to sink into your car’s carpeting, then your brakes are worn out and need replacing soon.

The same goes for spongy feeling brakes; if there is no resistance between pressing and releasing your foot from the pedal, this can indicate excessive wear in your braking system and that one or more components may be failing (i.e., calipers).

You hear a high-pitched squealing or grinding noise when you press the brakes.

Brake pads are made of soft metal and hard metal. As you press the brake pedal, you’re squeezing both materials together. The softer material wears down to make contact with the rotor, slowing your car down as it rubs against the disc. Over time, both types of metal wear out—but if one is worn out before the other, it can cause grinding noises when you apply your brakes or squealing sounds when you release them.

The harder your brake pad, the more noise it’ll make when applied under pressure from your brake pedal (or when released). The softer a pad’s composition is (that is, more friction), the less noise it will make while being applied under pressure from your brake pedal (or released).

It takes longer than usual for your car to come to a complete stop.

When your brake pads are worn down, it takes longer than usual for your car to come to a complete stop.

This is because the thin metal layer on the brake pads has been worn away. The thinner this layer of metal gets, the less friction there is between the brake pad and the rotor. This means that instead of moving directly from an applied force (your foot) onto another solid object (the rotor), it becomes more difficult for your car to gain momentum while stopping.

Your car pulls to one side or the other when braking.

Suppose you notice that your car pulls to one side or the other when braking; it’s likely that your brakes are out of alignment. This can happen when the brake pads wear unevenly, but it could also be caused by a warped rotor or leaking caliper. The best way to determine this is to take your car in for a checkup and inspection at a dependable shop.

Inspect your brake pads every 6,000 miles for wear and tear.

One of the most important ways to be a safe driver is to ensure that your brakes are in good shape. Brake pads are a safety feature, and drivers need to keep them in optimal condition for any given situation. When you inspect your brake pads every six thousand miles, you can rest assured that they’re ready for whatever lies ahead.

When inspecting your brake pads, you should look for wear and tear damage or other irregularities. If you see any signs of damage or unusual wear on your brake pads, it’s time to change them immediately! You should also check the rotors—the part of the car where brakes attach—to see if they need replacing as well; this will help prevent further issues down the road

Let the experts at Bison Fleet Specialists take care of your brake service!

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If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, bringing your car in for an inspection is a good idea. We can assess the condition of your pads and recommend repairs or replacements if necessary. At Bison Fleet Specialists, our professionals will be happy to help you with all your automotive brake needs.