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1615 William St  •  Buffalo, NY 14206  •  716-894-5799

Open Monday to Friday  •  7:30am – 5:00pm

NYS DOT & FMCSA Inspections

We at Bison Fleet and Tire Specialists pride ourselves on keeping you on the preferred list for the official NYS DOT Inspection report available to the public. Contact Bison Fleet Specialists at 716-894-5799 to register for your upcoming DOT/FMCSA Inspection.

Federal dot inspection and annual crane inspection2
Pre-DOT Inspection School Bus

Bison Fleet and Tire Specialists Plan for NYS DOT:

The following mandatory NYS DOT inspection tasks will be done on your behalf:

  • Submit:
    • Approved plan of examinations and preventative maintenance
    • DVIR program
    • Updated certifications to maintenance intervals
  • Schedule DOT pre-inspections and inspections
  • Maintain all Department of Transportation maintenance files
  • Store all files on Department of Transportation work for up to 2 years
    • Daily vehicle reports
    • Maintenance records
    • Preventative maintenance reports
  • Provide pre/post trip inspection, defect and accident forms and driver handbook on DOT regulations
FMCSA Inspection Checklist courtesy of Bison Fleet Specialists - Buffalo, NY
FMCSA Inspection Checklist courtesy of Bison Fleet Specialists - Buffalo, NY

U.S. – Canadian Border DOT Inspections

  • DPF (diesel particulate filter) service: PM, tune up, valve adjustments, alignments
  • DOT (us and Canada) speed/cruise control governor adjustments, heavy equipment diagnosis, ability to access all makes of off road/highway equipment
  • Dump Trucks: re-skin sides, re-decking of all trucks/trailers, aluminum repair/replacement.

“We Are Your Last Stop Shop.”
John, Owner

Bison Fleet and Tire Specialists excels in successful DOT/FMCSA inspections. Our experienced techs do a preliminary digital checklist on your fleet vehicle and give recommendations if needed to pass your upcoming DOT/FMCSA inspection. Bison Fleet brings more than 25 years of experience with DOT inspections and maintain good relationships with the inspectors. The frequent communication with the inspectors help us and you to stay current with the DOT regulations and expectations.

DOT inspections are easy to schedule at the time that fits best for your company. Bison Fleet and Tire Specialists has 17 vehicle lifts and the capacity to handle any size vehicle in our shop that has 35 foot ceilings, 36 vehicle bays and mobile lifts.

Bison Fleet and Tire Specialists offers free pick up and delivery of your vehicle for all of your service and DOT/FMCSA inspection needs. We have CDL licensed drivers if the need arises. Companies love the convenience of the free pick up/delivery service. We focus on all your vehicle needs so you can focus on your business. “We Are Your Last Stop Shop.”

Call us to take care of your next DOT/FMCSA inspection.

Bison Fleet Specialists owns the most precise diagnostic equipment for an accurate and fast DOT/FMCSA Inspection!

Check out our state-of-the-art Computerized Alignment System here.

Federal dot inspection and annual crane inspection

Bison Fleet Specialists Facility Walkthrough