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Fassi Light Duty Crane Particular attention is given to the design and production of knuckle boom cranes with a lifting capacity of between 1 and 12 t/m, bearing in mind the growing market needs, and the use of these machines.

Fassi light-weight cranes, are also available in a wide range of versions, starting from "micro" cranes combine reduced weight, compactness, and limited dimensions without losing all the factors typical of Fassi quality.

These light-weight loader cranes mean that you can have Fassi quality even on light-weight trucks, including 3.5 TM (total mass) or any truck that can be driven with a standard driver's license.

Range that includes all cranes with lifting capacity from 1,10 tm up to 12,25 tm. The short versions are available starting from the model with lifting capacity of 6,65 tm.

There is also a model equipped with remote control, which is an option for all cranes. All models feature a rack foundation.

Light-Duty Crane Models:

M10A M15A M20A M25A M30A
M40A F26A.0 F30CY.0 F32A.0 F40B.0
F50A.0 F65B.0 F65B.1 F80A.0 F85B.0
F85B.1 F85B.2 F95A.0 F110A.0 F110AK
F110B.0 F110B.1 F110B.2

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