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Fassi Heavy Duty Crane

Fassi Cranes has revolutionized the traditional idea of heavy-weight knuckle boom crane, to be installed on 3 or 4-axle trucks.

These cranes stand out for their ability to combine exceptional lifting performance with a machine body that reduces structural dimensions to a minimum and aims at limiting tare weight.

This is possible thanks to the use of special materials, first among which are the extremely high elasticity steels which, while they ensure formidable levels of resistance, also make it possible to optimize weight.

Naturally, particular care is given to reliability, although this has to be reconciled with dynamics, which are an integral part of the very concept of hydraulic cranes.

Range of all cranes with lifting capacity starts from 37,50 tm and goes as high as 137,60 tm.

The models with lifting capacity from 37,50 tm to 43,45 tm are available with rack foundation and with bearing foundation; all other models are exclusively fitted with bearing foundation. The short secondary boom is available on models up to lifting capacity of 43,45 tm.

A complete electronic supply is included in models with lifting capacity from 51,60 tm on up.

Heavy-Duty Crane Models:

F385.2 SE Series Cranes F415A.2 F455A & 455RA  e-dynamic F485A  & 485 RA xe-dynamic
F515RA  e-dynamic F545RA  xe-dynamic F600RA  he-dynamic F660RA  he-dynamic F710RA  xhe-dynamic
F720RA  he-dynamic F800RA  he-dynamic F820RA  xhe-dynamic F950RA  he-dynamic F990RA  xhe-dynamic
F1150RA  xhe-dynamic F1300RA  he-dynamic F1350RA  xhe-dynamic F1600RA  he-dynamic F1600RAL  he-dynamic
F1650RA  xhe-dynamic F1650RAL  xhe-dynamic F1950RA  he-dynamic F1950RAL  he-dynamic F2150RA  xhe-dynamic
F2150RAL  xhe-dynamic

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