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When you choose a Fassi crane you are making a true investment destined to show its full value in time: product
value, market value, service value.

Why? Simply put, Fassi Cranes are known world-wide as the best in knuckle boom cranes and their technology combined with their lifting capacity assures the owner of having the very best.

When a Fassi crane, after completing its manufacturing cycle and testing, is sent out to the dealers and then to the
end user, it starts a working life destined to last for a long time.

When you choose a Fassi crane you are making a true investment destined to show its full value in time: product value, market value, service value.

That is not just a promise: it is a certainty, witnessed by the fact that over 70% of
the cranes produced by Fassi are still in full-time operation. A further confirmation
of quality comes from the fact that used Fassi cranes continue to retain a high
value on the market, and do not depreciate.

This means that choosing Fassi is a real economic and business investment, but
there’s even more the capacity and superior performance of every Fassi crane.
Based on technological solutions that highlight innovation as a feature and competitive factor means that the user
can verify how the value of this investment translates in terms of day-to-day productivity.

Working better and faster, in complete safety whatever the lifting conditions are, even the most complex and
severe means also getting some concrete advantages in terms of performance per working hour and allows problems
to be avoided or solved quickly.

Finally, there is the value of service, meaning that it is possible to rely on a widespread, professionally trained
service network that is willing to be in accordance with the requirements and needs of those who consider the
crane an essential ally and assistant, day after day. A “machine” that must be in full working order at all times.

This is why choosing a Fassi crane means making a quality investment with high added value destined to create
both short and long-term “returns”: It is also easier to 'amortize' PLUS has a guaranteed yield.

Innovative Design Operations Mean Safe, High Performance Cranes

Design is a crucial factor in a company’s ability to offer products at the top market levels, from performance through
to safety. In fact, all those solutions that increase performance and reduce risk margins come from the design.
Design is not just an abstract theoretical concept, but an essential phase in really producing machines that do
not have to compromise.

This is the reason why “DESIGNED TO PERFORM” is the watchword that features in Fassi’s work.

Each of the solutions used in Fassi cranes is part of an engineering technology focused on the synergy between
potential and reliability. Design is the beating heart of innovation. It is no coincidence that Fassi is constantly
in the forefront in terms of the technology used on its cranes.

This continually being “ahead” of the competition is the logical consequence of the considerable investments
incessantly made by Fassi to design research, which is seen and interpreted as a guiding factor for its
market position.

However, Fassi’s main feature is its ability to apply the results of technological evolution to its entire range of
cranes, rather than just to a single top-of-the-range model.

Those who choose Fassi are certain they will be getting all the innovations that make Fassi cranes unique and
inimitable, regardless of crane type and version.
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