Bison Fleet is the area’s go-to source for Fassi cranes in Buffalo, New York. Whether you need heavy duty cranes used for larger scale operations, medium duty cranes suited for mid-sized projects or gatherings, or light duty cranes used at light-traffic events, Bison Fleet has the type of knuckle boom cranes that you need.

What are Knuckle Boom Cranes?

Knuckle boom cranes, also known as articulating cranes, are incredibly versatile, offering the ability to reach up and over obstacles that would typically be an issue for straight boom cranes. 

They also provide more precise maneuverability and can fit into tight spaces due to their folding capabilities. 

These machines are ideal for heavy-duty lifting jobs and feature hydraulic jibs and winches, providing more control and stability when lifting large objects. Additionally, articulating cranes offer 360-degree rotation, allowing them to reposition loads easily.

At Bison Fleet Specialists, utilizing the power of articulating cranes makes jobs more accessible and more efficient. Our team highly recommends the Fassi Knuckle Boom Articulating Crane for those complex lifting tasks. 

This crane is designed to be user-friendly, with an adjustable boom arm that can suit a wide range of applications. Moreover, its compact size makes it ideal for heavy work, making it one of our go-to small machinery solutions.

  This crane can easily lift and transport a big or small load thanks to its adjustable reach and powerful capabilities. With the Fassi Knuckle Boom Articulating Cranes, you'll get the job done well every time.

Authorized Fassi Dealer in New York

Bison Fleet Specialists is proud to be an authorized Fassi dealer in New York. Fassi is a leading crane and lifting equipment manufacturer, and we are pleased to offer their products to our customers. We carry a full range of knuckle boom cranes, and our crane experts offer service and repairs for all Fassi products and equipment.

Wide Range of Knuckle Boom Cranes in Buffalo

Here at Bison Fleet, you can get access to a variety of Fassi knuckle boom crane models.
We carry many heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty Fassi cranes.

Fassi Heavy-Duty Knuckle Boom Crane

Here at Bison Fleet, our line of Fassi knuckle boom articulating cranes is an incredibly useful piece of machinery that offers many business possibilities. If you want to increase efficiency or capability, these cranes are an excellent option, as they can reach out and lift heavy objects while remaining stable and easy to operate. 

With each machine tailored to an individual's needs, these specialized cranes are available in various sizes and configurations, so you can be sure your business has the most suitable machinery. Whatever your lifting requirements, we've got what you need to ensure your workload is handled correctly.

Our range of cranes is renowned for their quality and reliability. All models have a complete electronic supply with lifting capacity starting from 37,50 tm up to 137,60 tm. Models below 43,45 tm also feature a rack foundation making them more versatile, while our heavier models have a bearing foundation and are equipped with a short secondary boom - ideal for efficiency in any situation. Select from our broad range of cranes to find the perfect solution for you.

Bison Fleet Specialists continuously lead the way with heavy-weight knuckle boom cranes designed to be installed on 3 or 4-axle trucks. As innovators and pioneers, Bison has surpassed expectations with their Fassi range of cranes. Their lightweight design uses high elasticity steels that preserve superior lifting force, setting Bison and Fassi apart from competitors. Bison’s extraordinary accomplishment in materials and development has jointly created a revolutionary breakthrough that provides individuals with reliable and agile equipment for any lifting needs without outweighing their lifting goals. Bison Fleet Specialists continues to strive for excellence in the industry.

Fassi Medium-Duty Knuckle Boom Crane

Cranes with a lifting capacity of 13,05 tm to 34,15 tm offer users all the necessary features. All models come with either a short secondary jib or the option of remote control. The latter is standard crane equipment with a lifting capacity of 28.35 tm and up. Those that require continuous rotation can be fitted with foundation bearings for even more excellent stability.

Knuckle boom cranes with medium capacities, ranging from 13 tons and upwards, boast immense performance and dynamism. While able to be mounted on two- or three-axle trucks in various variants, they are fitted with cutting-edge electronic, hydraulic, and mechanical components. These fittings ensure maximum efficiency and safety standards. Cutting edge Prolink technology is also available, while auxiliary add-ons provide comprehensive configuration capabilities. Thus, medium capacity knuckle boom cranes provide ultimate performance, dynamism, and safety features.

Fassi Light-Duty Knuckle Boom Crane

If you're looking for cranes with a wide range of lifting capacities, check out our unique selection. Our cranes offer capacities from 1.10 tm up to 12.25 tm and even include remote-controlled models. Our models also have a rack foundation for maximum strength and stability. And the best part? Our short versions start from 6.65 tm, so you can always find the ideal crane for your needs.

Bison Fleet Specialists is committed to providing customers with the best possible knuckle boom crane equipment for their project needs, offering cranes with capacities of 1 to 12 t/m. Bison prides itself on its lightweight options that maintain a perfect balance of quality and reduction in weight - so you can get your work done quickly and efficiently. Bison takes it one step further by having a range of 3.5 TM truck capabilities that enable regular drivers to use them efficiently. Bison Fleet Specialists has set the standard for reliable equipment, supplemented ideally by its customer service, ensuring customers always have access to everything they need.

Why Choose Fassi Cranes?

The Fassi brand has long been known for its outstanding combination of efficiency, performance, and cost, making it an ideal choice for various uses. The cranes are backed by lightweight, high-strength steel architecture that ensures reliability and ease of transportation with minimal maintenance costs. No matter the job size, our top-of-the-line Fassi cranes can tackle any hefty lifting task without straining your budget. 

Trusted Fassi Knuckle Boom Crane Dealer in Buffalo, NY

Bison Fleet carries reliable, high-performing Fassi knuckle boom crane models that can tackle even the most challenging lifting tasks. With its advanced technology, exceptional durability, and versatile design, the Fassi articulating crane is the perfect choice for any industry that requires heavy lifting capabilities.

When you choose Bison Fleet for your Fassi Crane needs, you can rest assured that you’ll receive top-notch customer service and support from a team of experts dedicated to your satisfaction. Partner with Bison Fleet for all your Fassi Knuckle Boom Articulating Crane needs, and take advantage of our experience, expertise, and commitment to quality.

Contact us today to learn more, or come and visit us and see how we can help you choose the perfect Fassi knuckle boom crane model for you.