Buffalo’s Body Shop & Collision Repair Center

Accident? Collision? Door Dings? Rust?

Bison Fleet Specialists is equipped to repair vehicle body damage along with any engine repair necessary after a mishap. Bison Fleet Body Shop and Collision Repair is the one stop in Buffalo you need for the quality repair you are searching for with trusted, experienced techs and time efficient service.

Call us about your collision, repair, vehicle body needs and we will give you our professional evaluation and trustworthy estimate to make a stop at Bison Fleet Specialist an excellent value for you.

We partner with the customer and insurance companies to service all needs vehicle related. For seamless vehicle service and repair, call Bison Fleet Specialists today at (176) 894-5799.

Buffalo Body Shop & Collision Repair

Top 3 Tips after a Vehicle Accident for Collision Repair and Estimates:

  1. Get 3 Estimates. Search for the best collision shops in the area based on reputation and experience. Make Bison Fleet Specialists your first call at (716) 894-5799.
  2. Choose the best value, Not the best price. Quality is your top priority. Estimates can vary. A high estimate from a collision shop does not mean the shop is overcharging.
  3. Ask questions and compare estimates. Be wary if your insurance adjuster recommends a body and repair shop that has a substantially lower estimate. Make an informed choice on the best body and repair shop for you.

Quick Completion of your Vehicle Body Repair:

  • Get your estimates done right away. You don’t need to wait for the insurance company adjuster for vehicle repair estimates.
  • If the insurance company is holding you up and you need your vehicle repaired quickly, you can pay for the collision repair and get reimbursed by the insurance company. Keep in mind, this option for collision repair is for convenience to get the vehicle done quickly. It may be more difficult to get the full amount after the collision work is completed, especially if you go with the highest estimate.

Bison Fleet Specialist has 19 lifts and 36 bays along with experienced techs to get the collision work done for you in a timely manner.

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