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Bison Fleet Specialists is your stop for a FAST vehicle inspection!  With 19 lifts and 36 bays we always have an opening for you.  All vehicles registered in New York State must get a safety inspection and an emissions inspection every 12 months.  Both inspections are also required when the ownership of a vehicle is transferred. (Some vehicles are exempt from emissions inspections.)

When purchasing a vehicle, a Pre-Purchase inspection will give an objective report of the vehicle’s condition.

The inspection will provide a report of any upcoming maintenance or repairs that might be missed during a test drive. Knowing the condition of the vehicle and probable upcoming expenses can provide peace of mind and save money in the long run.

  1. Seat Belts
  2. Brakes
  3. Steering, Front End, Suspension, Chassis, Frame and Wheel Fasteners
  4. Tires (Except spare)
  5. Lights
  6. Windshield and Other Glass
  7. Windshield Wipers and Blades
  8. Horn
  9. Mirrors
  10. Fuel Leaks
  11. Tinted Windows