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For all your RV, Truck, Trailer, Bus, Camper & Car repair and service needs, contact Bison Fleet Specialists of Buffalo, NY.  With 19 lifts and 36 bays Bison has the capacity the service any vehicle at any time. Our repair facility has been providing a wide range of quality RV, Truck, Trailer, Bus, Camper & Car repairs and service for over 20 years. With experienced and certified technicians, we can assure you quality service.  


For more than 37 years, I have strived to bring quality service and superior workmanship to the vehicle repair industry in Western New York. In addition to competitive pricing and a knowledgeable staff, our Service Department is second-to-none when it comes to vehicle troubleshooting and repair. When I first started out as a technician, I was determined to identify with our customers, making sure every effort was made on my part to maintain the integrity of Bison Fleet Specialists workmanship, and establish a long-term "care" relationship with each person who passed through our service center. A personal goal of mine was to inform each customer of some basic maintenance steps they could perform to keep their RVs, Trucks, Trailers, Buses, Campers & Cars running at optimum performance levels, achieved by following a few simple guidelines.We have been serving our customers for more than 20 years. Our technicians are light and heavy duty vehicle certified inspectors. Also ASE, and NYS Department of Motor Vehicles Automotive Technical Training Program Certified. We also perform DOT/Hyrail/Crane inspections. In any service business today, time is money! When a vehicle breaks down, it is very important to have it up and running ASAP. Having all of the repairs done at one location can help that process. Bison has the knowledge, capacity and technology in its facility to accomplish this task, so "Peace of Mind" can be yours. "We Are Your Last Stop".

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As cutting-edge technology has made its way into our industry, Bison has kept pace by adding electronic diagnostic equipment, state-of-the-art calibration, diagnostic tools and light/heavy duty alignment  equipment. We consider our Service Center one of the best in Western New York, and are extremely proud to repair service your RV, Truck, Trailer, Bus, Camper & Car. For questions about Bison, please contact me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you for your continued patronage.  John Constantin, Owner of Bison Fleet Specialists.

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For all your RV, Truck, Trailer, Bus, Camper & Car care needs, contact Bison Fleet Specialists of Buffalo, NY.  Our repair facility has been providing a wide range of quality RV, Truck, Trailer, Bus, Camper & Car repairs and  service for over 20 years. With experienced and certified technicians, we can assure you quality service. 

A sample of services we provide include:

  • Computer Diagnostics - Import and Domestic
  • Full Tire Sales & Repairs
  • Transmission Repairs & Replacements
  • Engine Repairs & Replacements
  • Windshields/Auto Glass


JASPER ENGINES AND TRANSMISSIONS  We proudly recommend JASPER who has been the industry leader since 1942. With their extensive research, they have insight to correct problems in original manufacture design, improving their products performance, reliability and durability.   We proudly recommend and install JASPER Engines & Transmissions remanufactured components and have worked dilligently to earn our Preferred Installer rating through top performances and awards in service and sales.

Preferred Fleet Repair Vendor For:


ANY Equipment - ANY Vehicle - ANY Problem, we have the right tools, the right technicians, and the right training backed by decades of experience.   Bison Fleet Specialists in Buffalo New York, we keep families and businesses safely on the road to their destinationsl   

Need an appointment?  Call (716) 894 - 5799  or REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE.


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