April is Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness month.  Help us help them!  Bison Fleet Specialists will match all donations made to AUTISM SERVICES, INC. in the month of April.

Donation Instructions: 

1. Make a donation of any amount at http://casite-759862.cloudaccess.net/ways-to-give/

2. During the donation payment steps there is a notes section for "Special Instructions".  Please mention Bison Fleet Specialists in these notes.

Bison Fleet will match all donations made to Autism Services during April made using this note.  Thank you for joining our team in "Creating meaningful opportunities that enrich the lives of people with autism, their families and their communities!"

YES WE CAN! Service & Repair your vehicles under warranty!

There seems to be a common misconception among many that if you have an aftermarket/extended warranty, that your car, truck, SUV or Jeep must be taken to a dealership. This is not true. Non-dealership / Independent Automotive repair shops can service and repair your new or UNDER WARRANTY/EXTENDED WARRANTY. As a positive, at our shop you can get fast service and work with highly trained technicians!  We'd love to take care of your vehicle for you and can do so right here at our automotive shop. Repairs by highly rated and trained automotive technicians with dealer rated diagnostic tools, at BETTER PRICING by a shop that knows you!

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Is it wear & tear or a serious problem?

It’s not always easy to recognize when your vehicle is suffering from a simple problem that requires a little maintenance and TLC or there is real engine damage as symptoms can be overlooked and seen as “normal.” While not all sounds and smells may threaten the life of your car or truck engine, there are some obvious warning signs that require a vehicle inspection here at the shop right away.

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